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The Future of Drain Unblocking & Maintenance: Robotic Drain Cutters

For some jobs, conventional methods simply aren’t enough. Luckily, the 21st Century makes advanced drain unblocking techniques available to us: robotic cutters. Robotic cutters can be utilised in a wide variety of contexts for heavy drain unblocking jobs, as well as to aid in the installation of junctions. If you’ve got blocked drains in Glasgow that just won’t come unstuck, our robotic cutter can get in there and figure out what’s causing the problem.

Robotic Cutter Drain Unblocking: No Blockage Too Big

All sorts of things can cause drain blockages, and some blockages can be a lot more stubborn than others. While some might be a simple fix, others won’t budge so easily. Robotic cutting heads can be placed at the end of a device which is sent into the troubled pipe to identify and remove the blockage. 

Troublesome Tree Roots: Robotic Solutions 

Tree ingresses, for instance, can be extremely problematic for pipes and very difficult to resolve. Robotic cutters in Glasgow can remove the obstruction without damaging the surrounding pipe. Equipped with precise cutting heads, the robotic cutter can remove the roots which often find their way into pipes in search of water.

Skip the Excavation: All Other Obstructions

Over time, or just with any significant stress on the system, anything from within the pipe itself may eventually end up causing a blockage. Accumulated tile slurry or cement from construction work, or just anything discarded that happened to end up causing a blockage–robotic cutters can solve all these drain unblocking issues in Glasgow. Alternative solutions to problems like this often involve expensive, time-consuming and disruptive excavations.


 Junction Cutting for Unblocking & Diagnosis

In some cases, the robotic cutter may be employed to cut out a junction in the drain so that the blockage can be assessed or removed another way. This can work for toilet junctions and the cutters can safely cut out anything included in the drain.

Get our Cutters on the Job: Contact Us Today

If you’ve had a problem with a drain that you thought was going to be impossibly awkward or insurmountably expensive to solve, get in touch with us today in Glasgow and we can help you out. Our robotic cutting solutions can handle a range of different jobs no matter how big the problem, for unblocking or diagnosis of a blocked drain.